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April Marie Photography

April Christensen
April Marie Photography
Colorado Springs, CO
Shot at Loon Call Lake, Ontario, Canada

This lifestyle session is dear to my heart. Not only because it takes place on an incredible lake in Canada, but because the models are my sister and her husband.

We were vacationing at our cottage for a couple of weeks when we decided to go out and take some pictures on the island close by. We wanted to convey to the viewers what cottage life in Canada looks like. Canoe rides and bonfires are only part of it, though. Without someone important in our lives to share the experience with, there’s really no point in doing it at all.

There’s one more reason I wanted so badly to document everything: I miss Loon Call Lake a lot, and I’m not sure when I’ll be going back. In fact, looking through the photos almost brings tears to my eyes. I have nothing but fond memories of the place and to me it’s completely magical. My hope is to share the memories with you – the viewer – in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually there.

AprilMariePhotography01 AprilMariePhotography02 AprilMariePhotography03 AprilMariePhotography04 AprilMariePhotography05 AprilMariePhotography06 AprilMariePhotography07 AprilMariePhotography08 AprilMariePhotography09 AprilMariePhotography10 AprilMariePhotography11 AprilMariePhotography12 AprilMariePhotography13 AprilMariePhotography14 AprilMariePhotography15 AprilMariePhotography16 AprilMariePhotography17 AprilMariePhotography18 AprilMariePhotography19 AprilMariePhotography20 AprilMariePhotography22 AprilMariePhotography23

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