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Apples & Honey Photography

Kelsey Clark
Apples & Honey Photography
Zionsville, IN

This session was one I worked to create for some time.  The idea came to me a while back.  I absolutely love finding inspiration in everything around me and with two littles ones at home, children’s books always speak to me.  I knew this session had to be one full of color. Enter rainbow confetti and a yarn bombed daybed!  Julie (the mom) listened to my vision for the session and chose the perfect outfits.  Julie enlisted her sister and sister-in-law to paint the gorgeous Eric Carle inspired sun backdrop on one of my vintage sheets.  It tied the session together in such an amazing way!  We went to a local apple orchard that has the most stunning light and it all fell into place perfectly.  I adore everything about this session and one of my all time favorite things is to create something beautiful just because.  This shoot was just that.

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