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Anne Blodgett Photography

Anne Creighton Blodgett
Anne Blodgett Photography
Southern Oregon (Roseburg, OR)

I like to think that I’m an old soul at heart, so when I got the opportunity to team up with vintage Etsy shop IngridIceland for a stylized “Sweet Sixteen” shoot, I about cried with excitement (I’ve seen the movie Sixteen Candles more than I care to admit). There’s also something so beautiful and relate-able about turning sixteen, so I appreciated the nostalgia these images created.

The clothing our models got to wear could not have been more fun and fresh, especially considering some of the pieces were decades old. And I loved our props! The vintage convertible was absolutely to die for and was the perfect backdrop for our theme. The beautifully wrapped presents, cupcakes, balloons, and cake were also great additions to our set.

Our high school models definitely embraced the “days-gone-by” look and had so much fun being transported back in time for the afternoon. It was absolutely one of my favorites sessions yet.

(hair + makeup) – Alissa Morris

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