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Anna Laine Photography

Anna Laine Sasser
Anna Laine Photography
Atlanta, GA

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer located in Atlanta, GA, with a love of traveling with my camera. For this session, I only travelled less than an hour from the city but it was still an adventure worth documenting. After shooting Bonnie & Phil’s Indian wedding over a year ago, I was happy to hear they were expecting and wanted me to capture their maternity photos. We met at a waterfall hidden on a trail in the quaint town of Dallas, GA. Bonnie and Phil are a couple whose love is so apparent when you’re around them. Being a photographer that thrives on making couples comfortable enough to be real and authentic, photographing these two is a dream. The last hour of sunlight fell on them as they told me how excited they are for their new baby to join their family. Less than a month from giving birth, Bonnie bravely navigated the creek, climbed trails, and sunk into a chilly waterfall, reminiscing of her nature-filled childhood in Virginia.

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