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Anna Briggs Photography

Anna Briggs
Anna Briggs Photography
Boston, MA

I am primarily a wedding photographer, but my business is growing in the beauty/editorial type of photography as well. As a wedding photographer, we definitely have some months that are a little slower than others and I try to take this time to get inspired and do collaborations with other people in the beauty and fashion industry. Being a makeup artist myself as well, I’m very visually driven. I always consider how makeup will transform my subject. The twist was we got to play dress up with this lovely girl who totally put her acting skills to work to embody this idea of a wicked queen. This was a fairytale version of one of my Beauty Shoots. How fun! The inspiration came from a picture of a wicked queen. I took that image and transformed my model into a sort of gypsy queen with the help of my friends Barbara Rodriguez (makeup) and Peter Veth (dress designer).

I had so much fun with this and it reminded me how important personal projects are for photographers. I think we all need to pull away from what we consider normal for us and try on a different hat. It’s really amazing the journey one bit of inspiration can take you on.

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