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Amy Bethune Photography

Amy Bethune
Amy Bethune Photography
Dublin, OH

The warm, salty air and dreamy light just added to the special time we had as we watched little four-and-a-half-month-old Finn get sand between his toes and dip his feet in the Atlantic. After spending the evening with my sister, her husband, and her son at the beach in Ocean Isle, NC, I was just about convinced that I wanted to move to the shore (this still sounds like a lot of fun, but the logistics are a bit tricky)! This session was in a very different kind of setting than what I typically capture in central Ohio, which made for a great new experience (and a wee bit of a tan). I can hardly complain about working on vacation under those terms!

Amy is a senior and family photographer in Dublin, OH. She spends her days chasing her three small kiddos around and so believes it is best to start the day with a tall mug of steaming hot coffee. And a prayer. She loves that images have the power to show authentic emotion and connection and she enjoys capturing her clients being just who they are right now.

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