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Amira Gray Photography

Amira Gray
Amira Gray Photography
Carlsbad, CA

My name is Amira and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer at Amira Gray Photography. My greatest passion is capturing powerful, candid moments whether that is documenting a baby’s first few days at home, or whether that is watching a bride’s face light up as she slips on her wedding gown.  I’m always searching for beautiful, natural light. So while my clients may all have different decor and vibes — my photography style remains consistent.

Sometimes you come across mamas while you are capturing newborn photos who genuinely love being a mom. Meredith is one of those mamas. Sweet baby Jonas is the youngest of FOUR boys and Meredith seems exactly in her element when all four boys are wrestling on the floor, trying to climb in the baby’s crib and clamoring to gain her attention. It was beautiful to witness how the boys instantly calmed when they were handed their tiny new brother and just gazed at him in awe… the newest fox in their pack.

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