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Amie Reinholz Photography

Amie Reinholz
Amie Reinholz Photography
Montgomery, TX

HI!  My name is Amie Reinholz and I am primarily a wedding and senior portrait photographer.  To get my creative juices flowing I team up with my hair and makeup artist Anna DeLong every couple of months and we plan these fun fashion shoots.  It helps take me out of the norm from the weddings and seniors and I am able to push the boundaries a little bit and just have some fun!  For this shoot we wanted to use the natural surroundings as much as possible and keep our model as simple and natural as possible.  We used cheese cloth to make her outfit and grabbed leaves and branches from the location to make her headpiece.  The model rocked it out and did every single thing we asked her to do.  At the end of our shoot I asked her boyfriend if he would jump in the water with her for a few shots of them and I love how everything turned out!


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