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Amber Lynn Photography | New York City, NY

Amber Parsons
Amber Lynn Photography
New York City, New York

I remember when Denise (a past bride of mine) shared that she was pregnant. I was over the moon excited with joy that they were going to become parents and I couldn’t wait to photograph their growing family! When the time came, it wasn’t looking like they would make it back to my area to photograph them as they were almost 3 1/2 hours from me. I knew I had to do what I could to make it to them so I did just that. What started as a challenge became a great weekend for my business as I was able to book a few more sessions in her area and made a weekend out of it!  I’m SO glad I did. Denise wasn’t sure she wanted maternity photos in the first place so I am so glad that we were able to work these out because just look at them! She is gorgeous and I know she will look back at these for years to come and be so happy she did these. I am so grateful I got to give her that gift.
With every image I take, I’m trying to capture the real moments of love you have for one another throughout the day, so that you can be reminded of those feelings throughout the rest of your life together. But along with the way the photos look, there is your experience of taking the photos. The compliment I most often receive from clients is that I make them feel comfortable. I take great pride in that, because when you feel comfortable I can capture your authentic love just as it is, and that’s what makes your photos timeless.

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