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Allison Corrin Photography

Allison Corrin French
Allison Corrin Photography
Kansas City

It was a late snow in March and this precious boy was as peaceful as the afternoon set scene for. The coziness and softness of baby rolls and sleepy snuggles of giddy new parents, this newborn lifestyle session at home was everything lovely to me. As the artist behind Allison Corrin Photography, I am thoroughly passionate about embracing sweet tenderness, precious caresses, magical discoveries, and vivacious laughter, the dynamic details of this beautiful life.  I believe in basking in the full bloom of life-sessions, telling the greatest stories of life – romantic forever afters, miracle arrivals of joy bundles and the small, yet mighty ones they grow into, and the blossomed connections of these beautiful families. I believe in shunning mere existence and grasping vivacious living. Photography is how I savor the simple, cherish the details, breathe the lovely. My photography allows me to embrace the beautiful of everyday life.

I shot this with my Canon Mark III, primarily with my 85mm 1.2 lens, but rotated my 35mm 1.4 lens for a few shots as well.

newborn-1 newborn-2 newborn-3 newborn-4 newborn-5 newborn-6 newborn-7 newborn-8 newborn-9 newborn-10 newborn-11 newborn-12 newborn-13 newborn-14 newborn-15 newborn-16

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