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Alexandra Knight Photography

Alexandra Knight
Alexandra Knight Photography
Ballard neighborhood – Seattle, WA

I found out that Lauren & Josh would be getting the keys to their first home together the day after their first anniversary and immediately asked to do a portrait session.  Nothing would be cuter than the first moments in their new home – before any furniture got moved in, before they started to fill the home with their own memories – than a photo shoot capturing the charm of their relationship and 1930’s abode.  We shot in the evening and were blessed with beautiful golden light, two lovebirds so totally in love, and joy all around.  Not to mention this house is super cute!  I am so thrilled to have photographed this session because it was so much more than a run-of-the-mill portrait shoot.  This was a session about capturing memories and creating keepsakes, which I am so happy to have done for Lauren & Josh.

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle, Washington; shooting almost entirely with film.  I have been working with wedding couples, families, and anyone that wants to get in front of my camera since 2009; and travel far and wide to document my travels and adventures (all on film, of course!).  When I’m not snapping away, you can find me dreaming of Italy, eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, or exploring my neighborhood in Seattle.

AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_001 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_002 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_003 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_004 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_005 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_006 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_007 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_008 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_009 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_010 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_011 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_012 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_013 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_014 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_015 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_016 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_017 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_018 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_019 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_020 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_021 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_022 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_023 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_024 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_025 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_026 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_027 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_028 AlexandraKnightPhotography_LaurenJosh_029

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