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Alex Worlund Photography

Alex Worlund
Alex Worlund Photography
Huntsville, AL

I am a 19-year-old photography business owner that has a passion for traveling, eating, writing, and, most of all, capturing the beauty all around me. I have been in business for three years and I specialize in the high school senior portrait experience. I pride myself in giving my seniors a portrait experience unlike any other, while producing images that truly capture their essence! My goal is to provide an experience that they will never forget and help boost their confidence that lasts for years to come!

This session was a trial run of a new kind of session that I will be introducing to my 2016 senior clients. It’s all about creating a concept through ideas, themes, and locations, and creating an experience unlike any other! This particular concept was based off of the headpiece Karlie, the model, is wearing. I found it in a a market in Delhi, India. It is actually made to be a necklace, but once I saw it the vision came to me. I handmade the dress (with some help from my mother, who is a MUCH better seamstress than I) from a chiffon blend that I got on sale. We only shot for about an hour, due to loss of lighting and the fact that it was freezing, but I believe that the images look to be straight out of a fairytale.

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