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Alex Lasota Photography

Alex Lasota
Alex Lasota Photography
Richland, WA

Alex Lasota Photography is a creative portrait and wedding photography studio located in eastern Washington, whom is currently shooting sessions around the west coast.  For this shoot, model Paola and I drove out to Pasco, Washington to model a 1950s vintage wedding gown, purchased at Walla Walla’s third annual Love of Junk Show.  The white lace and golden sunset highlighted this vintage gem and brought it back to life after remaining behind closed closet doors for over 60 years.  What I cherished most about this shoot was the laughter and natural moments shared and captured on set.  A big thanks to model Paola and the Walla Walla Love of Junk Show for making this shoot possible.

Paola_26 Paola_27 Paola_28 Paola_29 Paola_30 Paola_31 Paola_32 Paola_33 Paola_34 Paola_35 Paola_36 Paola_37 Paola_38 Paola_39 Paola_41 Paola_42 Paola_43 Paola_44 Paola_45 Paola_46 Paola_47 Paola_48

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