Images by Amanda K.
Lemonade and Lenses Est. 2011

Established in June of 2011, Lemonade and Lenses originally started as a photographers gathering in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The original idea behind Lemonade and Lenses was to bring local photographers together to share their experiences and learn about the craft they all loved.  By January 2012, Lemonade and Lenses had quickly grown into a blog and eventually a magazine.  Lemonade and Lenses is proud to be one of the first family run photography magazines in the industry and is getting ready to go into its fourth year of publishing educational monthly magazines for the photography community.  Lemonade and Lenses is also proud to offer daily inspiration on the blog, photography vendor promotions to keep you up to date on a ton of available products, giveaways, international contests, educational and portfolio building events, and a safe community to ask questions and share work.

Lemonade and Lenses was founded by Lexi Vornberg, of Lexi Vornberg Photography, in June of 2011.  Lexi is a well known and established senior photographer in the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area and run both her photography business, Lemonade and Lenses, and Belle Lumière.